Some Brief Thoughts On 'Cosmic Journey: Solange Plus Blood Orange and Special Guests'

On Sunday, September 24th, Solange performed at the Hollywood Bowl. It was fantastic. I have a few thoughts:

  • Witnessing true artistic growth in real time is incredible and rare. 
  • Can you be proud of people you don't know? I am proud of Solange. 
  • It seems like being a teen mom can really work out rather incredibly if you play it right.
  • Of the many factors that separate those who are great from everyone else, chief among them must be the ability to have a real vision for one's art. It goes beyond just knowing how that fight scene will look or what track 8 might sound like. It's knowing what song will play during the season finale of the third season of your show that's not even on television yet. It's being able to pinpoint exactly how the hem will billow when the model spins while wearing a gown not yet on the form. Solange clearly has that vision. You can tell she was able to see every detail of Cosmic Journey from the very beginning. She saw the set. She saw the costumes and the hair. She saw the dance breakdowns. She saw the way the trumpets would glint under the stage lights. There's something to an idea hitting you over the head and lingering in a way that consciously and unconsciously informs your work. It's like even when you don't know what you're looking at, you can still see it. Even when you don't know exactly how to execute it, you can hear the applause. Vision is everything. 
  • That bitch can dance.
  • Few things on this Earth are better than the scope and fearlessness of black hairstyles at a black-ass concert or event. 
  • One of the best things I ever wrote was about A Seat at the Table
  • Alan Ferguson, Solange's husband, has a monumental beard.
  • Every beautiful black person in Los Angeles was there. Relatedly, I would pay a good deal of money to regularly hang out with or attend events with that exact group of people. Someone take note.
  • "F.U.B.U." should be Solange's "Niggas In Paris". That is, during the Watch the Thrown Tour, Jay Z and Kanye West would perform the song upwards of 7 times a night and it was fucking amazing--what I assume ascending to heaven feels like. Solange performing "F.U.B.U." was like that. It was damn near a religious experience. It's a song you want to hear over and over with a group of black people and forget the sad truth that life can't always be like this. I would've watched her perform that song for 30 minutes straight. 
  • Replace all iconography of the Virgin Mary with Miss. Tina.